Wow! 7 Year Ago

Do you remember what you were doing 7 years ago?

This picture is of my good friends Tissa and Carolyn Godavitarne’s son Alex. I brought both their daughter Emma and their son Alex a SMALL gift as I traveled from California to their house (then in Virginia).

Tissa took and sent this picture to me 7 YEARS AGO and then “POOF” was gone into the Facebook abluvion (until FB wanted to use it again on IT’S schedule, for its purpose of course, and I was just sent the picture of Alex again today).

THAT no longer needs to happen. You can create all the posts you normally do BUT NOW you will have access to them to refer others to ANY TIME YOU WANT! Oh, you can STILL post your post TO ALL YOUR FAVORITE social media platforms you want but now YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your works.

It’s like having your entire portfolio at your fingertips.

Note: Below I will be talking about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies which I promote on this “Grow-With-Tom-Paul-com platform. However, anyone could promote anything they want on this platform, their hobbies, their passions, their business(es).

In the photo, Alex is wearing a T-shirt I picked up for him in San Francisco on my way to their house to talk about this new thing called Bitcoin.

(I call Alex’s T-shirt SMALL because now, 7 years later, Alex is a full-grown man and as tall (if not taller) as his dad who is about 6’4 and Alex will never fit into it again).

Another friend of Tissa’s whose name is Ted, a very well-known gentleman in the Network Marketing World, flew in from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ted wanted to share his idea of creating a new home-based business in training people about cryptocurrencies and how to invest/trade in it as well as creating a network marketing business model.
Members would work together to build their cryptocurrency businesses.

That business platform was very similar to this current business described here in this YouTube video-

I wrote a short, easy to read, ebook you can access for free here

You can get direct access to the cryptocurrency company here on this video:

Wow! 7 Year Ago

(Note: Tissa is the creator of this very platform ( you are currently on where anyone can boost THEIR OWN business (no matter what it is) and never have their posts and pictures, like the one here of Alex, disappear almost instantly for 7 years!)

If interested in growing your own business, check out this video of Tissa

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