We Didn’t Make It!

While landing approach into Iceland we had a mechanical failure and Icelandic Aircraft Facilities did not have the capability and equipment to repair our type of aircraft so after a full day of flying we set our sites to a facility where we could get our aircraft repaired in Mildenhall Royal Air Force station. ( about 65-70 miles north of London England 🏴. However we didn’t have the fuel to reach Mildenhall so we needed to stop for fuel in Scotland. But by then we overflown our official crew-rest restrictions and the crew was required to get their required
(uninterrupted) crew rest.
Next day we went walking around town to do some quick gift shopping and a place to eat. Out of the thousands of local restaurants to choose from where did we go? You guested it , McDonalds!


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  1. Mac D’s!? LOL! That’s a hoot! All’s well that ends well I suppose…Which I presume things DID end well since you are making these posts.

    I may have to do a couple of videos on the mysteries of Alaska! Tissa says there is some kind of Alaskan theme going on with some of you guys.

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