V-22’s Little Brother

Some may know what a V-22 is but for those who don’t, it is basically a powerful combination of a helicopter and a forward flying aircraft.

It can use vertical take-off as well as like a regular aircraft take off to get in and land or use the option to hover and deliver or pick-up it’s cargo without landing.

A true highly versatile, multi-purpose warship.

Being from an Air Rescue Unit, I felt it was the perfect airship to replace the rescue aircraft and helicopters currently being used.

Now 32 years of serving protecting our country’s freedom, the Bell V-22 has a little brother.

Meet the new Bell 247 Vigilant UAV ( unmanned aerial vehicle).

The 247 has a range of almost triple that of the V-22 to just about 3,000 miles. A nice option you would want in your arsenal.

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V-22’s Little Brother

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