Ultimate Travel

Covid-19 will no longer pin you down.

Disclaimer: This article is in no way promoting or discounting the need for a COVID-19 vaccination. That is a personal choice.

You know me, I love the idea of traveling, moving about in one mode of transportation or another to see and be a part of this world at this spectacular time in history.

You now have the ability to travel the world in style and comfort and still comply with the pandemic guidelines (at a price of course).

You may now travel by plane, train, cruiseship, car, and even your iPhone to Disneyland. I am not kidding. Disney will be dripping out their Disney MagicMobile app this year.

Soon you will also have the option to add a spaceship to your repertoire of ultimate-travel experience vehicles (but I will save that for a story of its own).

Here are 50 suggestions of travel to exotic locations throughout the world to bring a paradise lifestyle back to life for you and possibly 11 others.

(flip down on cell phone after video starts to thumb through the different travel experiences)

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Ultimate Travel

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