The Frankenplane

Get out the popcorn and get ready to watch Saturday’s Creature Feature “The Frankenplane”!

Have you ever seen one of these? It’s called “The Pregnant Guppy”, and after modifications it was called “ The Super Guppy”and “Frankenplane” because of it using different parts of other aircraft like the P3 Orion “Submarine Chaser” and the C-130.

I’ve seen one at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona where I attended High School in the early 70s ( it was almost 10 year old by then).

NASA said they would not be able to put a man on the moon by 1969 without the help of the Guppy. The Guppy was first designed for

hauling sections of Gemini Spacecraft.

In 1965 The Guppy was redesigned with modifications like cabin pressurization to fly above inclement weather and to haul even larger payloads like Saturn B Rockets.

Truly a part of U.S. history.

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The Frankenplane

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