Strength in Storytelling

As we all crawl out of the pandemic ( or whatever that was) we realize that we were locked down for so long we forgot (or lost the desire to miss) our activities we use to treat ourselves to on somewhat a regular basis like going to the theater.

At the beginning of this month my girlfriend Ruth and I celebrated our 18 month of being together by first going to our routine monthly date-night dinner.

We found this place some time ago about 45 minutes away where we both enjoy. She will always get their famous ribs and I always get the best fish dish I’ve ever had.

Then, to top that off, we head over to see a great Disney movie (yes, the theaters are reopening) called The Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt and comedian Jack Whitehall.

I highly recommend it for the whole family especially if it’s action, adventure , suspense and romance you seek.

This was my story about a story.

This is a quote I found about the AMC Theater business:

“ All of AMC’s US movie theaters — and 95% of its international theaters — were open as of June.

That helped AMC beat earnings expectations last quarter, but it’s still losing big money.

AMC’s real pandemic strength = storytelling”.

This is the very reason for this “BLOG THIS WOW” platform, to allow YOU to tell YOUR STORY of YOU, your adventures, your passion, your business, your life or the lives of those you care about. Check it out here by simply clicking on the  Storyteller’s picture and watching the short video by the program’s creator.

How great would it have been to have this program to capture the stories of your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents lives?

Their stories would be like they were put in a time capsule of their archived memories and forgotten knowledge.

What wealth would their STORIES (information) be to you and your family or maybe the world?

The Storyteller Art is by Scott Gustafson

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Strength in Storytelling

How to turn your passion into profit:

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