Space Force to Test New Insignia Next Month

Space Force to Test New Insignia Next Month

Feb. 25, 2021 | By Rachel S. Cohen

US Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond displays the service’s uniform nametapes in the Pentagon on Jan. 17, 2020, in Arlington, Va. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Robert Barnett.

Space Force troops will try out new rank insignia for the first time next month, as the service looks to shake up the traditional chevron design it inherited from the Air Force.

“We’re excited about that, to get feedback and figure out what that insignia looks like, and new uniforms and all those things coming up later in the year,” Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force Roger A. Towberman said Feb. 25 during AFA’s virtual Aerospace Warfare Symposium. ( This Symposium will continue through today and maybe tomorrow with more advanced outcome).

The new insignia will accompany the Space Force’s fresh take on a rank and grade structure that took effect at the beginning of February…

The Space Force compared to the other Military Forces is new and like someone getting a new job or new office space, want to set themselves and their surroundings up to best suit them to be more sufficient with the task(s) at hand.

Space Force to Test New Insignia Next Month

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