Poor Man’s Vacation!

Leaving Saudi Arabia none too soon ( I’ll explain that comment in my next video).
Flying back I was part of the aircrew as we flew home on our own C130 Combat Rescue aircraft. It flys much slower and needs to make more stops. More work for me because I had to fuel and do any repairs that came up but well worth it.
Our first leg was to the Greek Island of Crete. Dinner and drinks on the cove water front as the waves gently lapped at the cement edge not 5 feet in front of us. Absolutely stunning view of that light house in the pictures as the sun closes out the day.
Next morning we were off to the Azores just west of the coast of Portugal. Rich with fabulous views and beautiful people.
Hope back on the tour bus to Bermuda. We landed at the Navy Air Station and after putting the plane to bed for the night we went to the town of St. George and did some touristy stuff. Very well maintained like Disneyland.
Next morning we were off to Patrick Air Force Base ( I will be coming back here shortly). Hope you enjoyed the tour and pictures, because the next morning we were off to the San Francisco Bay Area where we called home.


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