No Fly Zone!

During the Gulf War I served 5 tours in theater. The first was in Saudi Arabia where I was stationed at Khobal Towers.
We were there protecting the Southern NFZ ( No Fly Zone). (I also participated in the Northern NFZ but we can save that for another day)
While we were there, the Area Commander invited a very few personnel to be a part of his guests to fly out from Saudi Arabia in a helicopter and land on The USS George Washington out in full battle 24/7 operations in the middle of the Persian Gulf for a tour of the ship and its operations. An absolute thrilling adventure. The ship was absolutely immaculate throughout. Just want to give a heartfelt shout-out to all military personnel, male female, active duty, guard, reserve, retired and those no longer with us for VOLUNTEERING ( we currently have no draft) for standing up to protect our country and the American people from all foreign and domestic threats and conflicts at home and around the world.


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