A couple of days ago I mentioned Mak’s business in a post (see “My Granddaughter Mak”).
She can now join the ranks as part of the 145 million small business owners in the United States celebrating National Be Heard Day Today.

Each year on the 7th day of March, National Be Heard Day encourages small businesses across the country to make their presence known. The day recognizes the over 145 million small businesses in the United States striving to be heard over the big-business-dominated noise.

Around the United States, small businesses employ approximately 47% of the workforce.

Standing out amongst the crowd can be a daunting task.

But small businesses are unique in many ways.

Not only do they supply cutting-edge services and products, but they also reinvest in small-town America and local neighborhoods in many ways.

When small business owners live, work, and play in our communities, their dollars stay and grow.

Many of these businesses create custom products solving unique problems for big businesses.

Not only that, they support our schools in dollars, as mentors in the classroom, and on the field as coaches.
(Credits: National Day Calendar dot com)


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