National Backyard Day

I started my National Backyard Day by sitting out on my back porch sipping my fresh brewed hazelnut flavored coffee. Of course joined by my 2 cats and dog (all of which was given to me by my daughter and her family). The coffee did its job and I was up grabbing the lawnmower slightly after 7am. No, there is no grass growing in my yard yet its an older picture, but it has been overtaken by massive amounts of weeds, so before I start the weed and feed I want to knock off the top of the weeds so the weed n feed can get closer to the ground.
(If there is a better way, please let me know).

Then it was off to the front planter area, where I had some dead tall ( 3-4 feet ) sticks and some fallen leaves stacked on the ground that needed cleared out.

Beautiful day for a Bar-B-Que to finish off the National Backyard Day. How are you spending yours?

National Backyard Day

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