My Granddaughter, Mak

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

How old were you when you took action on becoming an entrepreneur?

What did you do to start you business?

Sell lemonade in front of the house, Mowed lawns, sell your toys in a yard sale, delivered newspapers or washed cars in the neighborhood?

I did some of these too for a little jingle.

Today, I want to introduce my granddaughter, Makayla (we lovingly call her Mak for short).

Mak is now 12 and a delightful young lady.

She took up the (almost forgotten) art of macrame.

She loves creating new designs.

She has even taken her macrame wares to sell at a local flea market (she did very well $$).

Later she wanted to expand her skills and started her lines of jewelry and then iron-on shirt labeling.

Her mom, brother and Mak met me at our local playground park (dedicated to all Veterans).

As we were chatting about her business

She said “Oh, and I am going to start making tall plastic cups with the purchaser’s words (or logos)on them, whatever the customer wants to say”.

She shows me a picture on her phone and I said they look like those plastic ones you can get at Starbucks.

I said, “I want one!” “Can you put – “Go Ahead, Mocha My Day” on it?

She said “Sure!”

Mak’s mom sporting one of Mak’s shirts.

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My Granddaughter, Mak

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