My 21 Year Old Therapist

Some motorcyclists like the convenience of taking a few creature comforts of home out on the road with them on their motorcycle trips.

So they attach a trailer behind their bike and load it with stuff for a day trip like for a picnic or they bring all the stuff they may need for a cross-country excursion.

But because there are some safety issues and things to avoid with a trailer I added this video covering “7 Mistakes to AVOID When Pulling a Motorcycle Trailer”

Below is My 21 Year Old Therapist (Yes, a 2000 Honda GoldWing. The previous owner was a motorcycle cop and it looks and drives as if it was loved and well cared for!)

It has a toolbox on the back and a covered cooler on the tongue so the whole inside of the trailer is clear for other stuff.

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My 21 Year Old Therapist

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