Life on Two Wheels

I don’t know if you have a life history of loving to be on two wheels with a motor, but I have.

Starting out fairly young on mini-bikes and on up to street legal bikes.

I’ve had a Yamaha, a Suzuki, a Kawasaki and decided that I was passionate about Honda Motorcycles. Okay, mainly GoldWings.

Back in the mid-70s I walked into a Honda dealership knowing what I wanted and how much I could afford.

I had my sites on a brand new “Honda 750 Four”.

But when I was in the dealership that day my eye caught a glimpse of a bike they just got in called the Honda GoldWing 1000! Wow!

I went ahead and purchased the 750 as planned and a faring by Windjammer. It was an awesome bike, but in the back of my mind I knew what my NEXT bike was going to be.

Sure enough, a few years later, in 2015 I walked into a Honda motorcycle dealership and bought a brand new “40th Anniversary Edition” of the GoldWing. ( okay it was a little more than a few years later).

My son and I have always talked about having one someday. So I took a picture of my new ignition key and emailed it to him.

Within the month he sent me a picture of his “Special Edition to the 2015 Honda GoldWing” with all the extra trimmings, like built-in Navigation.

The picture is of my son (and my bike )on a road trip together in the beautiful Gold Country in the foothills of the California Sierra Mountains.

We both have moved in different direction since then but I have hopes we will Ride Again someday.

Now there is a fresh new GoldWing on the road. I’m not willing to set my riding days out to pasture just yet, so just maybe there will be yet another GoldWing in my future.

In closing I recommend you “Follow Your Passion(s)! Life throws curve balls, compensate!

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Life on Two Wheels

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