Honda What?

It’s a conversion kit for the Honda Goldwing motorcycle to change it to a 2-wheels-in-front tricycle.
There have been 2-wheels-in-rear conversion kits for the Honda Goldwing motorcycle for many years.
These conversions offers the riders and passengers a more stable riding experience and are great for older motorcycle enthusiasts who still love and desire to continue to ride.

I was in a Costco parking lot a couple of years ago when I seen a man and woman about to load their beautiful 2-wheels-in-the-rear Honda Goldwing with the stuff they were shopping for.

I pulled in next to them and got out to talk to them and get a closer look at their motorcycle.

I was talking to the lady and asked “How does it feel riding on the back?” She said, “ I don’t know, I’ve never ridden on the back seat!” Be careful not to judge motorcyclist, never know who’s at the helm.

Honda What?

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