Grain-Free Day

“Grain-Free Day”

Today I’m going to step out of my normal subject matter of “Traveling” to take the opportunity to pass on the National Observation Day Of Being Grain-Free.

One of my daughters has the unfortunate ( or should I say fortunate ) life altering experience of having her entire family having issues with their autoimmune / allergy systems gone haywire. This caused her to dive deep into “causes and cures” to the point to where everyone who knows her (friends and extended family members) requests her counsel on issues they or someone close to them are having. There are at least 3 highly skilled medical career individuals in the family that value and seek her self-taught knowledge on the subject because the subject is so complex and all-encompassing of illnesses we are normally and routinely are given pills to cure when altering ones diet could help combat the issue(s) confronted with.

She is not a medical professional nor claims to be but rather someone out of desperation has sought a better way to eliminate symptoms she and her immediate family were challenged with. Cures were not like a quick-fix magical wand for just one thing but for many things like rashes, gut issues, and significant stunting of growth to general feelings, attitudes and allergies.

It’s not so much the causes of the ailments but what you do to start the cure (healing).

Basically it comes down to eating (fueling) your body with the manufacturers requirements.

Trust me, I did not refer to my own owner’s manual, but my condition is alerting my awareness of the needs and benefits it would bring.

National Day Calendar. com describes it this way.

National Grain-Free Day on February 21st inspires families and friends to gather and enjoy each others’ company over grain-free meals. What a remarkable way to devote an entire day to loved ones who cope with dietary limitations. Not only does the day create a way to recognize the difficulties of a restricted diet, but it celebrates the family and brings everyone back into the kitchen for a meal designed just for them.

Often someone who cannot have wheat, corn or rice due to an allergy or another autoimmune disease finds themselves eating celery sticks at the latest family gathering or office party. But what we truly miss are the traditional family meals and feeling included. The celebration sets out to create an entire day full of meals entirely grain-free.

Friends and family join in the festive atmosphere and enjoy the delicious aromas of the recipes the menu has to offer. Create a memorable spread and don’t leave out the dessert!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalGrainFreeDay

The observance celebrates family and friends enjoying good food together like they always have. While you’re gathering friends and family, try one of these terrific ideas to celebrate the day!

Exchange delicious grain-free recipes to grow your repertoire.

Cook together – experiment together. Find new ways to enjoy your favorite foods grain-free.

Try something new. Maybe there’s a new family favorite yet to be discovered.

Share every successful dish.


2019, Siete Family Foods founded National Grain-Free Day to support those whose dietary restrictions require them to eat grain-free. By raising awareness, they hope to bring them back around the table again, enjoying family meals.

Grain-Free Day

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