How many of us would like to be removed from retirement and given a makeover to bring us back to be fully functional again?

As we age we start to do things to help us recapture what we use to do and look as we use to look.

But here we have a famous B-52 Bomber that was in an aircraft retirement home (affectionately called “The Boneyard” in sunny Arizona at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (where I currently have a Daughter-in-Law proudly serving as an aircraft maintenance commander).

This story continues to another AFB called Tinker (right here almost in my back yard) where the B-52 flew to get its “Facelift” [and where my youngest daughter worked as an Air Traffic Controller (in the tower shown in picture) before she became an FAA Traffic Controller at Oklahoma City International Airport].

As you may know, the B-52 is an extremely strong and powerful aircraft and capable of being retrofitted to carry state-of-the-air modern technology devices to level the playing field of warfare and complement today’s, Air Force.

Note: This Facelift on the B-52 was completed just a few days ago after taking a year to complete, which means it was accomplished the whole difficult time during the crippling pandemic.

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