Extensions of Ourselves!

Most of us may have children, grand children and some even a couple more generations of extensions of ourselves. We love to watch them grow and develop into the person they want to be. We support their decisions and love them unconditionally. They are a part of us.

This was written by my daughter Tabitha talking about her other daughter Harlan whom we are all so very proud of.

“Another brag post

Haelyn had a gymnastics meet yesterday and has improved so much since she started!! It was like watching a different kid. She puts in so much time and practice, even when she doesn’t want to, and her effort is paying off!

Haelyn is one of those girls that would happily wear a dress and tiara while simultaneously playing in the dirt. She makes sure not a single hair is out of place for days like this but she has no problem literally letting her hair down, wild & free.

Her laugh is contagious, she is an athlete through and through, she will beat you at a game of Trouble while also teaching you every rule there is to know about it, and she’ll win any eating contest she faces.

Bias aside, I think she is the perfect blend of sass & grit and I hope that never changes.”

Extensions of Ourselves!

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