Easter Egg Hunt On Mars?

Happy Easter everyone.

Today we are going to hop on over to the planet Mars with our Easter Baskets to find a couple of Easter Eggs. There are hints below.

@NASA (on Twitter)
In time for Easter, we have not one but two Easter eggs yet to be discovered on @NASAPersevere. Can you find them? Tune in Sunday when we reveal these hidden surprises.

Both of these Easter eggs can be found in the rover’s raw images: go.nasa.gov/perseverance-r…

Hint on Easter egg #1: every vehicle has one.
Hint on Easter egg #2: it’s in our nature.

There is a guide to help you break the code for Easter egg #1 on Twitter you will need to open for the help.

As for Easter egg #2: it’s “wheely” tricky to spot. I got my first glimpse of it a full month after landing.

Happy Hunting!

Easter Egg Hunt On Mars?

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