Beignets (New Orleans)

Some may know that I moved to New Orleans in the late 50s and grew up there in the 60s.

What a fantasy life for a young boy living in a two-story house on Magazine St. where my sister and I would be able to stand on a huge balcony and watch the Mardi Gras Parades go right by and on occasion be thrown a string of festive beads or even a commemorative coin.

However, another fond memory was when we would go down to the French Quarters where we just HAD to stop by Cafe du Monde’s for some Beignets.

As a parent, I took some of my children there to pass down and share the memories.

If you’ve never experienced New Orleans’ French Quarters and Cafe du Monde’s for some Beignets, I recommend you treat yourself to its southern hospitality maybe the Mardi Gras, and good eats. Enjoy!

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