And They’re Off!

Grab your Mint Juleps and seats and ladies grab your big fancy floppy hats and your (required) incognito face masks at the Churchill Down Kentucky Derby!

Continuing with my different modes of transportation and my last post about horses, I take us to the prestigious 2021, 147th Kentucky Derby.

26 years ago (seems like yesterday) I had the privilege to be part of one of the opening ceremonies for the 121st Kentucky Derby with my unit (the 129th Air Rescue from the San Francisco Bay Area) and one of their C130s.

We flew down the river while thousands of people lined the river to watch the air show. Later that evening we were in that crowd and witnessed their spectacular fireworks display on the bridge.

Boy! Do those Kentuckians and Derby goers know how to party!

Us air crew member’s money was no good there!

Medina Spirit was named the winner!

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“And their off!”

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